Kulturzentrum E-Werk | Erlangen

Ron Sexsmith

Carousel One – Tour

Unbelievable: Ron Sexsmith in Erlangen, Germany. I would never in the world have thought I’d ever get to see him perform live. And not only did he perform quietly (shy or high?), extremely humble and without too many words, but also he gave me my favorite songs „Tomorrow in her Eyes“, „Imaginary Friends“ and „Hard Bargain“ and brought me to tears. Which is almost impossible to do… Thank you for a wonderful experience. I wish I’d gotten hands on one of those handwritten setlists…

  • Genre: kanadischer Singer/Songwriter
  • Geboren: 8. Januar 1964
  • Heimat: Toronto
  • Fotografiert fürs E-Werk

ANHÖREN | LISTEN www.ronsexsmith.com

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